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Patagonia Lake State Park Swim – December 20, 2017

Today was my 38th, possibly final, and definitely coldest open water swim this year! It was a lovely sunny day in the mid-60s at the Patagonia Lake State Park, but the water temp was a brisk 52F! I gave it a try without a wetsuit (barely qualified as a swim), but my friend Lonnie and I donned our fun neoprene apparel and swam for about a half hour.

Lonnie is training for his first full IRONMAN next year – Santa Rosa, CA in May. Water temperature in the Lake Sonoma could be anywhere from mid-50s to low-60s, so Lonnie wants to be prepared for anything. We plan to keep swimming through the winter, so I know he will be!

Patagonia Lake Arizona open water swimming in December, 52F