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Mt. Lemmon Training – Spring 2016

In preparation for the San Diego Century Ride on May 21, 2016, I started leading GABA training rides on Mt. Lemmon on March 1. Over the course of 10 weeks, we add a couple miles to our climb each week, eventually reaching the town of Summerhaven (elevation 7800 feet) on May 3. At milepost 0, the base of Mt. Lemmon is 2,850 feet in elevation. Summerhaven is located at milepost 25. With this training, hopefully, I’ll be prepared for San Diego, which has 7841 feet total climb over 105.5 miles!

I rode this morning with Brian and Jay – good company! Temperature was about 60F starting at 7am, but by the time we reached 6000 ft, the temp was in the 40s and wind was gusting 20-25 mph. Made for a challenging descent!

Kathleen Bober at Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

View of Tucson from Windy Point, mile marker 14 on the Mt. Lemmon Highway, elevation 4127 ft.